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Comments of Previous Patient

From Dr.JB: As a dentist I had skepticism about accupuncture treatment, but was impressed with Dr. BK's credentials as a surgeon and a PhD in anatomy and referral by a family member.

I have suffered with arthritic and muscular pain in my left shoulder for several years.   I scheduled appointments with Dr.BK and after 6 to7 treatments my pain is gone and has not returned after 2 years. Recently I've returned for treatment on my other shoulder. 

My advice:  If you've tried other treatments that haven"t been successful or are faced with potential surgery, do yourself a favor and at least have Dr.BK evaluate your problem.  If he can help you he will let you know, and if not, he won't do treatments that he believes won't resolve your problem." 

Dr.JB :) 

From Patrick Moore: My Brother and Sister Veterans, 

Now that VA is paying for Acupuncture. First you have to do is see your primary care doctor at the VA and ask if they will approve you for acupuncture. If they ok it the request it will be sent to Dr. Lee to be approved. You can get a total of 60 treatments first you get 15 treatments when you finish them you can put in for the next 15.

You can pick the Dr. you want for your treatments I have been seeing Dr. BK for over a year he has helped my wrist, hand, shoulder, and back. I'm very happy with the service I have been getting from Dr. BK. Here is his jnformatjon beJow you can see him or any Dr. you want, but do it,

Acupuncture works and it helps with the pain. I'm so happy I started my treatments. 
You're Brother, 

Patrick G. Moore 


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