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                          Who is Dr.BK?

  I, Dr. BK, was a spine surgeon as an orthopedic surgeon in South Korea. My speciality was low back surgery including microscopic lumbar discectomy, posterior decompression for spinal stenosis and posterior decompression with posterior lumbar interbody fusion(PLIF) for spondylolisthesis.

  I started acupuncture for the unsatisfied patients after spine surgery in Seoul. Korea. That was much more helpful to reduce pain than the ordinary physical therapy. 

  I came to the United States to become an orthopedic surgeon again over 16 years ago. I got an ECFMG certificate and passed all medical board exams, USMLE I, II and III. But it did not work because it was so much competitive to admit to an orthopedic residency program that was required. I gave up to be a surgeon here and I got an acupuncture license to practice in Wisconsin.

  Now I have been practicing acupuncture in my clinic in New Berlin since May 2009.I am treating orthopedic pain only such as muscle, joints and nerve pain. 

  I apply acupuncture based on the orthopedic knowledge and experiences with traditional Chinese medicine. I believe that would be more understandable and very successful.

  I hope to see you at my clinic.

  Thank you

  Dr. BK


Who is Dr.BK? - BK ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC                  262-754-8040 in New Berlin, Wisconsin

Dr. Bong-Kyun Kang (Dr.BK)
          (MD, PhD, LAc)

Certified Orthopedic Surgeon (S.Korea)
Ph.D. in Medicine (Dept. of Anatomy)
Licensed Acupuncturist
ECFMG Certificate
NCCAOM Certificate

12555 W National Ave #200

New Berlin, WI 53151

TEL: (262)754-8040

M~F 9:00 am to 5:00 pm